No.10 conundrum

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Typically any mention of a No.10 at arsenal leads the mind to that much maligned footballer. Mesut ozil. However Ozil at arsenal even after 4 years wears the 11 jersey. Imagine any other club signing a record breaking bona-fide superstar; Our first in years and denying them their preferred option of shirt just to palacate a permanently crocked youngster.

And there in lies the whole problem.

This is no sleight of Wilshere. But the basic flaw in Arsenal’s mindset laid bare. The lack of ruthlessness which causes the meltdowns at any sign of pressure is all causative of this mindset.

Wenger doesnt levy any importance to the shirt number.But in this case Ozil has many times spoken about his preferred shirt number. Yet he hasnt got his hearts desire.

Things are changing it seems. Lucas perez has complained how his shirt number was passed to Lacazette without him being asked. Finally a step in right direction

Here is to hoping we finally get to see ozil in a number 10. It maybe the last opportunity to see him in that number at arsenal.

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