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Arsenal losing to seville brings curtains to our preseason. People might call the community shield preseason match but its not. Specially with Arsenal taking on Chelsea. Its a chance to win a trophy and thats what we missed for many frugal post emirates years.

We won some games and lost some. Our attacking combinations were pretty good. Defence not so much. But that was to be expected as we missed most of our first choice defenders. Our defence is based more on individual talent than a collective system. As has always been the case with Arsene wenger’s teams. Hence i wouldn’t read too much into it.

But what was noteworthy were our defeats to chelsea and seville. Two highly organised teams. Our inability to break them was more worrisome than our inability at back with a makeshift defence.

Especially with sanchez’s impending exit.

Simply stated we have no other player of that caliber to break these teams down. Even if we get Lemar it would be foolish to think a 21 year old can immediately be productive in a new culture and a more physical style of play. Infact its going to take lacazette and kolasinac plenty of time to settle in. Expecting three new first choice players to perform to their full capability immediately is wishful thinking.

Keeping sanchez is paramount. As is preparing for his exit next season. Lemar can step into his shoes but ideally a season as a squad member will be more helpful to us. But It seems highly unlikely that Arsenal will spend 50 million to keep a player on bench.

Another area of great concern is our central midfield. We need a strong signing there. Seri looks a good option. Wilshere can play there but hoping to keep him and ramsey fit entire season is a road we have taken too many times.

The positive of the preseason has been sead kolasinac. Easily the most powerful and intimidating full back Arsene wenger has bought since Lauren.

There are some positives and some chinks. Can we win the league. Seems difficult but not impossible. Everything depends on our further dealings and ability to keep key players.

The season is neigh upon us. COYG.

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