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4 goals conceded on a woeful day. Nothing left to say. only positive is it wasnt more.
This is an anathema. It wasnt a one off. Arsene wengers side have a history of conceding big. Every few months its as if the players and manager forget that to win big games u neded to be compact and then express yourself. We disrespect the opposition and end up humiliating ourselves.
This year the reminder has come at an opportune time. The defeat laid bare our weakness in midfield and defence
I wouldnt even get into the performance of the players, our selection and formation. Kolasinac on bench. Bellerin on left. Woeful woeful all around.
Wenger knows the template to beat Klopps teams. By pass the press by going to the frontman directly. The inital thought was the same. The personnel not so much. Watching Bellerin try to take down long balls was as funny as exasperating. It wasnt as if we had anyone capable of doing that on the bench. Only a striker who has score 35 headed goals.
Then we conceded and any sort of plan was forgotten in the harakiri. And the players gave up.
Lets keep the players who want to stay. And sell who dont. Welcome to reality

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